Week 31 – Setbacks

It’s been a disappointing week; I can’t shake off the viral thing, which has left me lethargic, and struggling to exercise. On top of that, the weather has not helped my asthma. Whether it’s the heat, humidity, or occasional storm, my lungs have not been happy.

July was all set to be my highest mileage month of the year, but this setback left me short of June’s total. August has started with a whimper. On top of that, I’ve missed out on two long runs. These are important for building up my base fitness for the Leicester Half.

Despite the illness, we did return to Hinckley Running Club, to try another session. This week was hills, which is not a favourite of mine! I know that the more I run them, the easier they get, but my lungs are screaming going up them. I do have a fear of pushing them to the point of an asthma attack. It hasn’t happened yet, but the annoying cough did present itself.

Surprisingly, well, to me, the OH has enjoyed the two sessions that we have tried. The plan is to try one of the social runs, and then decide whether or not to join. I certainly can see how joining a club will improve my performance, and hopefully take me out of my comfort zone in a constructive way. I think I push myself in the wrong way, at times.

Of course, all of this has meant the running weight loss goal is looking almost impossible. I’m feeling quite despondent about things at the moment.

This week, I’m going to resist the temptation to push myself; clearly this virus hasn’t shifted totally. I’m going to wait until next weekend for my long run, and not try and fit the ones I’ve missed in between. I know from past experience it’s a backwards step. Reigning myself in is actually harder than pushing!



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