Weeks 29 – 30 – The heat goes on…

20130730-141453.jpgIt started well; a good week of running, which included my first running club experience. Thanks to my old chum, Jon, for the invite, and to Gemma, who wasn’t expecting me to turn up, but looked after me!

It was a speed session, involving laps around a small wooded section. Given the temperatures, it was a relief to be running in shade. Dosed up on Telfast, and smothered in hydrocortisone, I felt prepared to take on the great outdoors.

It was also a change to try out my Nike+ sports watch. It seemed to log onto the GPS satellites much quicker than my Garmin 205. It was pretty comfortable, and the only niggle I had was with getting used to the buttons. On a hot evening run, it was far better than having my iPhone strapped to my arm!

Both me and the OH enjoyed the session. We didn’t feel as though we let ourselves down. The OH is also keen to try another session, rather than trying other clubs for now, which was the original plan.

Last week, I gave blood for the first time.

20130730-142603.jpgI knew it would affect me, but not as much as I thought. It took me a couple of days to stop feeling dizzy, and on Friday, I ran outdoors along my usual route. To say it was like running through would bean understatement. My splits, unusually for me, got worse as the run went on. I then woke up with a cold over the weekend. My asthma has been worsened by the stormy weather that we’ve had. After a few months without illness, it was inevitable something would come along and ruin it!

Fingers crossed it’s just a fleeting visit!

Interestingly, all GPS devices make the run home shorter (3.12km) than the way out (3.22km) on a roughly 4 mile there and back run. This includes the new Nike. I should be pleased that they’re all consistent, but it’s very bizarre!


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