Week 23 – Finally!

Yes! I have finally reached the weight I was a year ago. It’s only taken 23 weeks, 11 more than I wanted, but I’ve got there. It was aided by a massive loss (for me) this week.


I have been experiencing some kind of reaction, with severe bloating, that usually comes on at the end of the day, after my main meal. So I have stopped eating bread this week, barring a couple of wholewheat wraps. My stomach has been flatter at bedtimes.

I haven’t cut wheat out, however. I’ve eaten pasta, and the wraps (no yeast), and I’ve been fine. A bit of digging around suggests some people cannot tolerate supermarket processed bread, as it skips a rising cycle, and has been known to cause problems similar to wheat/gluten intolerance. The plan is to steer clear of bread for a little longer, although it has been suggested that soda and sourdough bread should be okay to eat. I will be going to a barbecue next weekend, so I shall see how my gut reacts then.

Whether this has contributed to the weight loss is yet to be seen. If bread has been a factor in holding me back, then attaining my supposed ideal racing weight is surely achievable. I now have to decide whether I maintain the status quo, or try and lose the extra 3kg.
As far as the running is going, it’s all good. I ran 10 miles yesterday, and was able to manage a 5K recovery run this morning (it is easier for me to have a rest day tomorrow). Whilst it means I haven’t had a 5K where I’ve pushed myself this week, I have run over 27 miles this week. I have also managed five runs per week for two consecutive weeks; it’s been a long time coming! I think part of me wants to push on with my fitness before I go on holiday. Whilst I plan on running when I’m away, I am pretty certain it will be hard to keep up the momentum. A break won’t do any harm, as I will be focusing on training for the Leicester Half in October.

Things are finally looking up, and I’m feeling optimistic about my health, fitness, and my running.


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