Week 15 – Getting closer

This week, I resumed light jogging. I’d been pain free, and I hate not being able to run. Yes, some of you may think that I’m pushing myself, but I don’t run if I don’t feel up to it. Honest.

I took things steady, and focused on other cardio work, and on strength training. Today, I managed a decent 20 minute jog, without any reaction at all.

So, what about the latest bug? It’s hanging around. It’s not as bad as it was, but I’m still struggling to clear my sinuses. Yes, it’s pretty disgusting, especially at meal times, when my nose decides to completely block. Another reason why I’m only jogging, as I’m struggling to breath through the gunk. Still, it’s given me a good excuse to use the steam room at the gym (don’t worry, I tend to go in when it’s not busy, and when the steam room is empty).

As far as my weight is concerned, this week has seen a huge difference in my clothes. Stuff is now fitting again, and the slight muffin top has disappeared. I still wasn’t too confident as I stepped in the scales, this morning. So I was pleasantly shocked to see a 0.9kg loss, and I’m now just 0.8kg off where I was a year ago. Seeing the first two digits was great; it’s been a while since I saw those figures!

* * * * *

Now marathon season is well and truly upon us, I’d like to wish everybody who has finished the distance, a huge “well done”, and “good luck” to those still yet to run.


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