Weeks 13 & 14 – Frustration

So, my birthday came and went, along with a lovely extended weekend in Scotland. I wasn’t expecting to have lost much, due to eating out every night, and fitting in exercise as and when. We are lucky; as David Lloyd “Vantage” members, we can use any club in the country, and luckily both Glasgow, and Edinburgh, have clubs.

I still didn’t get as much running as I would have liked, but something is better than nothing.

As for the food, it is hard to find healthy food, and at the right portion size for someone with a smaller appetite. I was brought up to clear my plate, something I used to struggle to do, and still have problems with. Whilst I’ve learnt to stop, and say, “enough is enough”, I’m still left feeling guilty at leaving uneaten food on my plate.

Thankfully, I didn’t struggle for my birthday meal, at The Witchery by the Castle, in Edinburgh. It’s my favourite restaurant, and definitely one for special occasions. It isn’t cheap, and if you value quantity over quality, you will be left disappointed. I prefer quality, and the Witchery does provide that. The portions sizes mean that I can eat three courses, which is usually unheard of.

I had big plans for my return. I have neglected intervals, and made the decision to get back on it after Easter. The run up to Easter was pretty reasonable, and I felt in good shape, physically, and for the first time in months, cold free. Despite the break, and the food, I posted a modest 0.1kg weight loss.

My plan for this week was to have a “flat” run on Tuesday, then try intervals on Wednesday, when I had more time to focus on it. It all started well; I was working in Milton Keynes on Tuesday, and decided to take advantage of my gym membership, and use the facilities there. When it comes to exercise, I’m definitely a morning person! A nice steady five miler was on the cards, and so I started. No problems.

Until halfway through.

As I was running, I felt something “ping” in my right ankle. Not good. Neither was the pain. Luckily, as I was using a treadmill, I could hit the stop button. I found that I could put some weight on it, and spent the rest of the day barely hobbling, but I took it as a good sign. My achilles was intact.

The drive home was horrendous. I used the M1, and used cruise control, but even the slightest braking was agony. As soon as I got home, I RICEd the ankle. Later, once the painkillers had kicked in, and I felt a bit braver, I did have a tentative feel around. Whatever had gone, was definitely muscle, and not a tendon or ligament. This was a relief.

Being self-employed, I had to soldier on through the week, travelling to court, and resting wherever possible. By Friday, I was walking a lot better. Unfortunately, my nasal cavity felt, and sounded, like somebody was pouring wallpaper paste into it. It is now Sunday, and the virus is refusing to loosen it’s grip. It’s disgusting.

I did return to the gym this morning, for a 30 minute cross trainer session, some strength work, and mostly, for the steam room. Before anybody has a go at me, and says that I need to rest, my dodgy knee has started to ache, and my dodgy shoulder is popping about of it’s own accord. As they say, no rest for the wicked, or those with hypermobility.

Thankfully, the weight has gone up by 0.1kg, so I’m effectively back where I was before my birthday. The spirit, on the other hand, is in need of a huge pick me up.


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