Weeks 9 – 11 – New Disease

Seething in my head,

I’m suffering instead,

I can’t remember why this meant so much to me.

The past few weeks have not been good. Having felt better, and more optimistic, and seeing my running improving, I hit a wall, both mentally, and physically. As far as crashes go, it couldn’t have come at a worse time, with pupillage applications due to open in the next couple of weeks, I need to be focused, and confident in myself, not picking faults with every aspect of my life, and beating myself up over it.

I’m still recovering, in both senses. This morning’s long run has been abandoned, for the second week. Last Sunday, I could barely get out of bed due to the most horrendous virus, and a cough, which left me drained after each fit. It reminded me of when I had whooping cough as a child, where all I could do was hang over the sink, toilet, or a bucket, and cough until I felt like my lungs were going to shoot out of my mouth in some kind of horror film scene. Whilst I wasn’t that bad, it was pretty dire.

I have spent the week recovering. I have managed three runs, or jogs, on Thursday (20 minutes), Friday (30 minutes), and yesterday (40 minutes). Today, I feel drained, achy, and literally sick. Have I pushed myself, or am I still suffering? Probably a bit of both.

This week, and next weekend, will be difficult, training wise, as I am going away for a few days. I have already found out that there are branches of our gym at our destinations, so there will be some time to run, but just how much, I don’t know.

On the weight side, all the illness, and lack of exercise has played havoc. I have managed to make up for a couple of bad weeks, and have lost half a kilo since my last post, taking my weight loss to exactly 3kg, or 6.6lbs. The disappointing thing is that at this rate, I will reach my target, and original weight, a month later than I wanted, and that’s if I have no more problems.

I will leave you with this, which sums up the last few weeks.


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