Week 8 – Stalemate

Yet again, I have followed up a good week with a week of little, or as is the case this week, no change. Very frustrating.

This week, I went out for my first outdoor run of the year, and indeed, since being on holiday last May. It was a beautiful, sunny morning, and I thought it would be a waste of time driving to the Gym, when I could quite easily get my gear on, and get my backside outdoors.

It all started off well, but it was a hell of a lot colder than it looked. After a couple of miles, my lungs were starting to feel raw, and instead of the planned five miler, I turned back. 

I think, at one stage, I apologised for sounding like Darth Vader, to one dog walker. My breathing was so loud, they could’ve heard me on Mars.

When I got home, the coughing started. I went straight onto the Ventolin, and also used my Symbicort, as advised by the asthma nurse at my last appointment. It took the best part of 24 hours for my lungs to finally settle down, by which time, I’d given myself YET ANOTHER throat infection!

It seems to be one thing after another, although this was self-inflicted. I don’t know about the migraine I had yesterday, which put paid to any hopes of completing a long run.

I have also started on my immunotherapy programme for my very severe grass allergy. It won’t cure me (boo), but it should make my hayfever symptoms more bearable. Anything to stop the saver course of Prednisolone, which I swear doesn’t do me any good at all.

Fingers crossed I’m now coming out of this terrible Winter, and Spring will finally see me fit and well.


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