Week 6 – Disaster

The scales left me devastated.

A 0.7kg gain.

All my hard work undone, and why? I struggled with illness again. I’m beginning to think someone has cursed me! I was pretty confident of another loss, as my clothes are feeling looser by the day.

On the plus side, I’m having fewer problems with my hip. I had another appointment with the physio, who thinks my lack of immunity could be down to a food intolerance. I wonder if it’s my allergies. I have to admit, I’ve not been able to stop the antihistamines this winter, despite the cold weather, which should have minimised the effect of any pollen stupid enough to be about. I do wonder why my immune system goes mental in the presence of ordinary, everyday stuff, like pollen, grass, dust, feathers, but rolls over and dies at the sight of a virus. I start an immunotherapy programme in a couple of weeks, to deal with my severe grass allergy. I’m apparently the talk of allergy specialists, being the first patient to have been taken off of Grazax, a single dose grass immunotherapy tablet. I’m going to be trying a sub-lingual drop, where the dose is increased from the tiniest dose of grass imaginable.

I’ve been given some deep core work. My physio says my core is strong; a relief given how much I’ve neglected it. But he thinks that my hip problems would benefit by strengthening it deep down. The goal isn’t that far away; but it gives me focus.

I have taken out my frustrations on the treadmill. Yes, I’m still running indoors. I completed 8 miles, my furthest run since last year’s London Marathon. If I can continue like this, notwithstanding the ongoing virus issues, I should be fit for Hinckley Half. Whether I’ll be fit enough for a new PB, is another thing.


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