January Review

January was going to be the month I kickstarted my fitness. I would recover from my various illnesses, which included a kidney infection over Christmas and New Year, and hopefully start making some progress to setting a new half marathon PB.

I also set myself the aim of losing some of the weight I had gained since my achilles tendonitis injury, last May. We are planning on moving house this year, and I have had a sort out of the clothes that I don’t wear any more. Sadly, the ones that I want to wear, and like the most, were too small. To get back to where I was, and into the clothes, I needed to lose 4.7kg.

Unfortunately, my bad luck, and non-existent immune system, have conspired against me. I managed only 15 runs during the month. All have been on the treadmill; bad weather has made conditions difficult, and would only set my asthma off.

I did manage a total of 90.89km, the most since last April, which included a marathon. This apparently used 4,937 calories, and I lost a total of 2.2kg during the month. Ive given myself until my birthday, at the end of March, to get back to “normal”. If I can shake off the diseases, I could actually get there by the end of February.

January is usually Dry January, where I don’t drink any alcohol. I don’t normally lose weight, but it does make me feel better. This month was easier than it has been in previous years, right up until the last week. I completely lost my voice, and could easily have given in to a hot toddy, or some mulled wine. I didn’t, and yet again, I can pat my willpower on the back.


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