After my rather disappointing start to January, I lost 1.3kg the following week. I’m pleased with this. It’s a huge chunk of the 4.7kg I’m looking to shift. My suits are not looking as daunting.

This week has been hard. I worked hard last week, both in and out of the gym. I sometimes forget that I’m still recovering, and in need of strengthening and conditioning, but because I can do something, I will push myself to get the most out. The start of the week left me feeling “leggy”, and I’ve had to fit in a complete rest day, which I have self-flagellated myself for. I don’t see it as a necessity, I see it as a weakness. It’s a dangerous mindset, and I need to stop beating myself up when things are not going right.

I’m nowhere near my normal running rate, but I have looked at my stats on the Nike running community, and I’m not doing too badly.



I need to focus on the positives; I’m heading in the right direction, and I’m no slacker. Even if I take some time to rest.

* * * * *

The cold weather means I’ve been doing all my running indoors. Running outside could trigger off my asthma, and I don’t need any more setbacks. The iPod uses motion sensors, and height, to gauge your pace. Bizarrely, my pace changes, even when the treadmill is set to just the one speed. Earlier this week, when I was feeling lethargic, I recorded a slower time than last week, when I was more sprightly.

I also don’t trust that the speeds have been calibrated properly. One machine can feel slower or faster than another. Having done most of my base winter training on treadmills for the London Marathon last year, I set a new half marathon personal best in Loughborough, running at an easy pace, and without pushing it. I was actually running over 1km per hour faster than the treadmills had been set up for.

I can’t wait to get back outside. Only then, will I know just how much of my fitness has been regained since my injury and illness woes.


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