What a start!

On January 1st 2013, I was 4.7kg heavier than when I came back from my holiday in June last year. Since then, I’ve suffered with injury, and illness. I have set myself the target of getting back to my original weight by the end of March.

This should be no problem; January is Dry January, and we all know booze packs in the calories.

Whilst I’m not fully recovered, injury wise, I do have the strengthening exercises needed to overcome it. Things are getting better, slowly but surely.

The plan is to monitor my progress by weighing myself every Sunday morning, at the same time, if possible. I’m not a fan of scales, preferring the method of how well my clothes fit to determine if I’m losing, or gaining, weight. It’s also not a good idea to weigh myself every day, either, as it could become obsessive, and weight can fluctuate. It’s only natural.

I was very nervous about my first weigh in. I wasn’t expecting too much, as it’s not a full week since what I recorded my starting weight.

Ladies, and gentleman, I can announce that since January 1st, I have lost…

Wait for it…

Here it comes…


Yep. That’s right.




On a positive note, at least I haven’t out anything on.

* * * * *

I took my frustrations out on the treadmill. A combination of good tunes, cricket, and self-loathing saw me run for an hour for the first time since last June. I actually felt good; no pain, and plenty left in the tank.

The signs are encouraging. Maybe the March half marathons are too ambitious, but fingers crossed, I could be fit to attempt Hinckley in May.


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