I started to write this post on the first day of 2013, and time to reflect on a very mixed running year.

2012 saw my second attempt at the London Marathon. I had a target of sub 4 hours, and a training plan, but looking back through the blog, it was hampered with illness. On top of that, I had an injury, which I ignored, and I am literally still paying for now, with my regular dates with the physio.

I was pretty confident though, as I recorded a new half marathon PB just a few weeks before London.

So I was, and still am, pretty gutted to have missed that target. My post-race thoughts can be found here.

Since then, I’ve been beset by injury, and since September, illness. I have had every cold virus out there, or so it seems. To top it off, I am now suffering with a kidney infection, which is both painful, and draining.

In between, and sometimes, during, I have had to keep some level of fitness up. In the summer, I rediscovered swimming. In recent weeks, I’ve resorted to rowing, cycling, and cross trainers. But none of these give the same feeling that running gives me.

Neither do they offer the same calorie burn. Since May, I’ve put on 5kg, or 11lbs in old money. This has left me feeling sluggish, lethargic, and depressed. I have clothes that are too tight, not helping my mood. Whilst some of my friends have been understanding, sadly, there are some who have made it clear that I’m not allowed to feel “fat”. Even though I’ve put on weight, my BMI is well within normal range, and therefore, I am not entitled to be upset. It doesn’t matter that it makes me feel down, that I want to wear something, but I can’t because I can’t do it up. I need to be thankful for still being relatively slim.

Now it’s January, the focus is going to be on shifting those surplus pounds, and on getting back to full fitness. I was hoping to take on at least one of the spring half marathons, but I’m not sure on whether I will be fit enough. I certainly won’t be challenging my target of sub 1 hour 50 minutes over 13.1 miles. The next four weeks will hopefully decide that for me.


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