Swimming hell

There’s nothing more likely to bring out the misanthrope in me than a crowd of people.

Today is a cardio day. With the blood blister still hanging around, I thought I would go for a swim. I wouldn’t normally use the gym on a Saturday morning, as I would be going to a football match, but thanks to Sky, I had to wait until Sunday lunchtime for my fix.

I’ve been in during the off season, and whilst the pool has been busy, it has been bearable. It would appear that many families have been on holiday, and that the Saturday morning swimming lessons also have a summer break.

Today, the swimming pool was HELL.

With one lane out of action for lessons, the other two were already overcrowded. The main pool was heaving with people, and as for the outdoor pool, it was full of people making the most of the late summer sunshine.

I opted for the faster lane, which had crawlers in it, over the slower lane with the strokers. I stuck to the etiquette of lane sharing, swimming close to the ropes, waiting at the end of the length for the quicker swimmers to turn, but it was disrupting to somebody who likes to “get on with it”.

It was actually a relief when I felt the blister moving after 15-20 lengths. Not wanting it to burst, I gave up, and made a dash for the changing room before the class ended.

I now feel as though my time has been wasted. It’s not a lot of swimming, and I’m used to prolonged activity, not short sessions.

It does look as though the blister has less blood in than yesterday, and it is far less painful. I am hoping it will be fine by Monday, when I can resume jogging. I don’t think I could cope with any further delay.


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