Ouch! (Not for the squeamish)

My gym membership lets me use other “branches”, which is useful for me. I quite often have to work in different towns and cities, and I like to get my workouts done before work. It also helps to avoid rush hour traffic.

Today is an aqua jogging/pool running day. The floor of my usual pool is very sloppy, making it difficult to run. It took me 32 minutes to run 750m on Sunday.

I’m in Milton Keynes today. The floor of the pool is not slippy, which is good, because I had better traction, and ran 1,000m in 32 minutes.

Yay, go me!

It does, however, hurt.

Me being me, I told myself to “man up” and get on with it. Only after completing my session did I survey the damage.


“Ouch” does not come close.


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