The road to recovery?

Following my appointment with the physio, I have been given more strengthening exercises. My left hamstring is not functioning as it should, and is making all the little muscles in the upper thigh hurt; it’s likely to be a consequence of partially dislocating my left knee cap in 1995, and subsequently bluffing my way through physio. Yes, i managed to fake single legged squats. I was actually proud of myself, at the time…

Over the years, I’ve been ignoring all manner of niggles, and over-compensating with other muscle groups. After confessing all, I have had it drummed into me that cheating benefits nobody, and recovery is meant to hurt, to some extent.

On the plus side, the ankle is good. It actually felt fine, given the exertions of last week, and the physio said I was okay to test it, although I wonder how much of that is hindsight. He’s happy with the way it has healed, pointing out that both my tendons are thick (I sprained my ankles a lot as a kid, and wonder if it’s a result of that?), and they both now feel the same.

The strengthening is complimentary to running, and not a precursor to. I’ve been told to spend the next week on the strengthening, and other cardio, but as long as the ankle is still pain-free, I can resume the jogging programme from next Monday!

The next 6 days cannot go quick enough!


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