It’s been a while…

I’ve been plodding along, and had been quite successful with my recovery. Apparently, those who train regularly, recover from injury quicker.

Sadly, I was not prepared for the A14 on a Friday evening.

I’ve had to start from scratch. After being given the all clear to jog, I’ve frustratingly had to go back to non-impact cardio and weights.

I’ve always been scared of weights, I don’t want to look like a shot putter, and given the fact I’m not tall (well, I’m 1.5 inches over average, but still…), and we have a stocky side of the family, I’ve tried to avoid.

However, I’ve read weights don’t necessarily mean bulk, so have tried heavier ones. As it turns out, I’m now toning up. The bingo wings may actually be going.

I did have a scare in that my iPod strap didn’t fit as tightly, but it turned out to be the way I wrapped the headphone cables, and I’m no bigger than when I ran the marathon. Phew.

I’ve also rediscovered the rowing machine. Those who know me might say this argumentative so and so would take to rowing like a duck to water. But this is the boating sort. It’s hard work. But it seems effective. My main problem is I want to compare myself to competitive sports women. I’ve no idea what a decent 500m split for a female lightweight rower is. It’s probably best I don’t find out, I don’t need to beat myself up over failures that, given my age and health problems, are beyond my control.


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