Gym Bugbears One: Baggage

One of my gym bugbears is the way other women leave stuff strewn all over the benches in the changing rooms. It annoys me for two reasons;

Firstly, it means there is nowhere for me to put my bag. By women’s standards, it’s a fairly small bag, and I can manage without emptying the contents onto every available space in sight. Why other women struggle is beyond me. There is a growing trend for wheeled bags or cases. You know, the sort you use for weekends away. Just how much stuff do you need? Seriously?

Secondly, and more importantly, most of the time I go to my locker, find the benches covered in bags, gym kit, towels, and clothes, and there is nobody in the area. It’s not just gym bags, women are quite happy to leave their handbags out whilst they go off to shower, faff about with their hair and make-up, or talk to their mates a few bays away. I admit I’m paranoid, but there is no way way I would leave my purse and mobile phone at the mercy of other gym members’ consciences. Especially when thieves are happy to break into lockers. Leaving an open invitation is, in my mind, asking for trouble.

The irony is, a lot of these women won’t take their towels or wash bags through to the swimming pool area, as they are worried someone will want to steal their towels, disposable razors, or L’Oreal Elvive. But a Louis Vuitton bag and an iPhone can be left unattended quite safely?

You’re not doing the gender any favours, ladies!


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