Yoga never used to hurt…

It’s been a few years since I stopped going to yoga classes. Actually, it’s been over 7 years, when I sat down and thought about it.

First of all, the Sunday class cut into valuable “long run” time. The gym also cut the Friday evening class I regularly went to. Then we moved to a new gym, which had only a couple of classes, all at inconvenient times.

For a while, I kept up the stretches, but after running the London Marathon in 2008, I’ll be honest. Time was a premium. With work, then Bar School, and the travel, and then work again, and the travel, I have neglected the stretching partly my workouts. Being hypermoblile, I became complacent, and assumed I would be okay.


It showed last night. I was no longer the most flexible person in the new class. For some poses, I was the worst!

Even more telling, was the yoga teacher pulling and pushing me into the correct alignment. I have never had to suffer this indignity before.

And it hurt.

A lot.

I have been using the pose “janusirusana” for years; it’s a hamstring stretch where you place your foot on the inside of the opposite thigh, and lean forward over the outstretched leg. I’ve been struggling to get beyond 10-20° on my injured leg (yeah, yeah, the warning signs were there…) but with a yoga instructor’s knee in my back, and my shoulders pulled back, I found I was able to move about 60°, even if my left leg was shaking. In contrast, I could almost lay out along my uninjured right leg, hands wrapped around my foot.

On the plus side, my shoulder stand was near perfect, unlike everybody else. Maximum smugness points for me!

It’s very clear that I have a lot of tight muscles, and consequently joints. I am in more pain this morning, as said muscles and joints are reminding me not to forget them again. Whatever my hectic schedule is, I really, really shouldn’t neglect yoga again.


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