My date with the physio…

I have been waiting for an NHS physio appointment for about two weeks now. Whilst I’ve always found them to be great, I can’t wait any longer, so I took the plunge, and booked myself in for a private session.

The assessment went better than I could have hoped. Unsurprisingly, my ankle injury is connected to the hip injury I suffered from since I started marathon training. Apparently, I’m not alone in denying there’s anything seriously wrong, and trying to run off an injury.

The physio said that there was some thickening of the tendon, but he also found that there was a lot of tension in both legs, and in my feet. My big toes need some work, explaining some niggly calf twinges!

The physio manipulated some joints and muscles, and it was amazing how quickly some of the pain went. Even the achilles. In fact, it responded so well, the physio noticed a slight reduction in the thickness of the tendon by the end of the session. As a runner, I have fit and healthy tissues, which should heal quicker than an unfit person; another reason why you should get out there, and get physical!

I’ve been given some exercises to do, but more importantly, I have been given the all clear to resume cardio in the gym. I can use the cross trainer, and cycles, exercising due caution, of course. I am also to continue with the swimming, and can start to use my legs. He’s also recommended I restart yoga practice, something I’ve not done for years, due to the way in which classes clash with running sessions or work.

Ultimately, the prognosis is that I should eventually be back running. There are very few things that would currently make me happier.


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