Following me on the day

I’m both nervous and excited about the Big Day. 
I have received the details of Asthma UK’s supporter “Cheer points”, which are located at Tower Bridge (12.5m), Isle of Dogs/City Pride pub (15.2m & 18.2m), Embankment (24.8m), and along the Finishing Stretch (26m). The support of the crowd makes a big difference; strangers giving you words of encouragement, offering you sweets, the little kids high-fiving near the start, it’s all good. Except the blokes with the crates of Carling, just before the 15m water station, who said I was cheeky for trying to grab a can.
Last time, I didn’t see the Hubby, who was able to cheer me on. If any of you are in London on the day, please go down and support the many thousands, because we will all appreciate it. If I don’t wave back, I’m not ignoring you, honest!
The letters for my running vest came today, so you should be able to spot me!
It’s in Lestoh, all right?
 You can follow me online too; I will be chipped, and there are timed points along the course, which can be followed online with my number.

All the Asthma UK runners will be starting from the Red Start (boo) at Greenwich. I think I’ll be giving the banter at the merge point a miss this year 😉

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