It’s been another disappointing week, as I have felt ill, tired, and weak. I have been trying to run as often as I can, at a much slower pace, and nowhere near my usual running pace, but the mileage has been down.
Today should have been an 18 mile run. My plan was to run as long as I could, expecting to be fatigued after a few miles (my last run, I was hanging on at 2.5 miles, and using every trick in the book to keep going). For this reason, I went to the gym, and didn’t take advantage of the unusually clement weather.
Surprisingly, I felt good. Yes, the pace was barely running pace, but I felt fine. My lungs felt fine. The iPod was throwing out some of my all-time favourites, it was good.
Then I reached about 9.5 miles, and I had the most horrendous pain from my dodgy knee. I stopped at 11 miles, as I don’t want to risk my knee. I hobbled to the mats like a little, old lady. The knee pain was due to my patella (knee cap, to some of you) being out of place. I injured the knee years ago, and my knee cap was partially dislocated. I now exercise to strengthen the muscles to keep it in place. Clearly, the lack of exercise has weakened my knee. 
Once I’d popped my knee back into place, it felt fine, I can walk fine on it, and the pain has gone.
I did the sensible thing, and stretched, and warmed down, instead of trying to complete a further 7 miles. 
I also took advantage of the plunge pool in the spa area, to help prevent any swelling/bruising.
On the bright side, this week has enabled me to start to break in my new trainers, without developing blisters. I’ve chosen New Balance, one of the brands I’m okay with.
Fingers crossed they’ll be getting used next week…

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