Longest run to date…

This morning’s run was 15 miles; I’ve not run this kind of distance for a long time. I would like to say it was easy, but it wasn’t.

I’ve had a niggle for a while, but it hasn’t affected my running. It hurts more to sit or to walk, running seemed to free it up a bit, but today, it literally bit me on the bum.

Some internet self-diagnosis suggests that this injury is most likely Piriformis Syndrome, and it’s totally my own fault. In recent months, I haven’t made the time to stretch properly after running, as I’ve been fitting my runs in before work. The cure is to stretch, so I will have to make time, and hope that this is what the problem is.

The pain hit me at about 9 miles. I had to eventually slow down to finish my run.

On top of that, I dislocated my toe yesterday, by stubbing it on something that was sticking out of a trail path we had taken to get back to our car. Forced (yes, forced) to hobble back, I managed to get it back in at the first attempt. This morning, the swelling had gone down, and as yet, there is no bruising, however the toe is clicking almost every time I move it. It’s quite normal for this toe, as I somehow managed to lose the cartilage when I was a child (how you lose cartilage, I don’t know). Consequently, it clicks. However today, every click is painful.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I will use it well.


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