The last few days have been a mare; Sunday’s long run was cut short due to the dreaded Runner’s Tummy (there’s an explanation here; WARNING – it leads to some unpleasant viewing!) I thanked my lucky stars I had not gone for an outdoors run, the stomach cramps had me doubled up in pain.

Tuesday’s intervals session was a complete disaster, as I felt like I was running through treacle whilst suffering with the shakes and abdominal cramps. I had to fudge the session, concentrating on completing the distance, rather than the speed work.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling decidedly “meh”. By this time, I’d twigged I have some kind of virus. As I ran, I felt as though I was going backwards, and I was, to quote the great PWEI, “sweating like a pig doing a jig at the gig of the century”. This was despite running at under my usual jogging pace. Great.

Before starting my training, I read up on running whilst ill. The general consensus is that as long as I feel like running, and as long as the disease isn’t on my chest, to continue running, even if at a slower pace. If I’m not in physical shape to run, my body will already be telling me.

This is good news for someone who feels guilty, and beats herself up if she doesn’t fulfil her training target. Falling just under 2.5 miles short of my target on Sunday reduced me to tears of guilt. It means that for the month of January, I was 5.5 miles short (3 miles were lost going to Selhurst Park to see a welcome Leicester City win).

Today, I managed to complete the my training, as per the schedule. I’m not saying it was easy, far from it, but I had my iPod to keep me going, and today it rewarded me with some treats.

Tomorrow, it’s Fartleks. Snigger.

* * * * *

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