One step forward…

So the tonsillitis developed into a full blown Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (look, it sounds a lot more impressive than “a cold”). I’ve been bunged up for days, and it’s not the brown paper bag variety. Sad, what with Christmas coming up.

It’s been one thing after another this autumn, and I’m really disappointed my running hasn’t been going to plan.

Colds can be quite dangerous to an asthmatic; if it gets onto the chest, it can lead to complications such as pneumonia at worst, and at the very least, recovery is far slower than with a fit and healthy person. Although I’ve had a cough, it’s been mostly throat related, and all the crap that’s accumulated there. Gross.

I’ve read on another blog (The Running Bug) that it is possible to run whilst suffering with a cold, as long as the symptoms don’t get onto the chest. To be honest, I’ve not physically been capable for the last few days. But feeling a better today, I tried a slow one.

I say slow. It’s the recommended speed for a lot of my training in the build up to the marathon, and a long way off of my intended marathon pace. However, I comfortably managed 30 minutes on a treadmill (remember, no outdoor running whilst it’s cold outside, as that aggravates my condition). Ordinarily, I would have tried to run as close to normal pace as possible, but I’ve discovered being sensible does have its benefits.

I’m not sure how much more running I will be able to fit in before and over Xmas. Fingers crossed today’s run has done some good.


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