Damn asthma!

I went for an outdoor run this morning; I waited for the temperatures to rise, it be very cold first thing.  When I did venture out, my weatherstation said it was about 6°C. Brr.

As a youngster, with my undiagnosed asthma, PE at this time of the year used to fill me with dread. The coughing, the pain in my chest, I never looked forward to it. Sadly, although my treatment is good, I have spent the rest of the day coughing. At one point, I almost lost my voice this afternoon, not a good thing whilst working as a court advocate!

Layered up, I left the house to clear, blue skies. About a kilometre into my run, the hail storm hit me. Literally. I don’t know which was better, that or the wind. A look at my pacing shows the more exposed places where the wind almost blew me off of the path. Oh, and the inclines.

Conditions will worsen, and the distances will have to lengthen, but I need to soldier on. Bad lungs or not.


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