Back home…

… and jet lagged.

I was perfectly fine yesterday, managing to stay awake until after 10pm for the first time after a trip to the USA. I thought that this year would be the year I don’t suffer.


I know I looked at the clock at 8am. When I next looked, three hours had almost gone. Knowing that staying in bed would not help, so I had to force myself out of the pit, which is no mean feat when the world is spinning and moving backwards and forwards at the same time.

Both of us have suffered this year, which is unusual for The Husband. We opted to wait until after the lunchtime game on the TV, which I would have suggested in any case, as Saturday mornings are an absolute ‘mare at our gym. It’s full of kids, which those of you who know me will know, who annoy the hell out of me for their lack of manners, discipline, and respect. But that’s another topic…

Thankfully it was quiet, and due to still feeling wooshy, I thought it best to start off with a light jog. It felt too easy, so turned the speed up a notch, then another notch, and for 28 or so minutes, I was actually feeling quite good.

Then the jet lag took over.

I managed to finish 4 miles/6.4km (I have an “issue” with exact numbers or multiples when using a treadmill. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has a “thing” with numbers?), before having to spend the remaining time with my head between my knees to fight the nauseous feeling I was suffering. The Husband took me off into the Spa for some R&R, which actually helped a bit.

I tried out the Pop Dance Genius Mix – the selection was “interesting”:

I didn’t like to mess about with the iPod (which again didn’t tally with the treadmill; I’m going to have to calibrate it at some point). Firstly, it’s on my arm, not the best place to be faffing about, and secondly, I fear that I’ll turn the thing off!

I used the iPhone version on holiday on a couple of my outdoor runs. The iPhone version fared much better, and according to Google Maps was pretty much accurate. I was really surprised, as it was relying solely on the GPS and any Wi-Fi hotspots. It also produced nice little maps of the runs, and the bonus is I can send data straight to the web, once I have an internet connection. I also found that it didn’t drain the battery as much as I thought it would, so I could be tempted to ditch the Garmin Forerunner in the future.

I am struggling to maintain any concentration, so enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks, and happy running!


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