Running perils….

So, I was up and ready to go before 8am. On my holiday.

Daytona Beach is ideal for running. We walked along it yesterday, and I was looking forward to running along it at some point. But looking out of the window, it was never going to happen,

I have a pathological hatred of seaweed.

We went to the fitness room at the hotel, equipped with not one, but two treadmills. Unfortunately, both were in use, so I turned to the OH and said we should just run along the roadside. He agreed.

Now, Florida is pretty mild this time of year, but this morning it was cold. Bloody cold. (Sorry parents for the bad language, but there is no other way of describing it). Of course, once you’re out, and running in it, it’s not that bad unless you suffer with exercise induced asthma, and I have to admit, my coughing annoyed the life out of me, and that was with my iPod on, so the OH must have been very annoyed. It doesn’t take much!

I was doing really well, to a point. Then I got “That Feeling”. The one runners dread. The one that leads to Runner’s Tummy. Click on the link only if you have a strong constitution, but since someone unfortunately linked to that photo, it’s been my worst nightmare. Needless to say, we turned back.

The benefit of running on a treadmill is you can hit the stop button, and get to the loo. Out and about, no such luxury, although had the worst come to the worst, I would have gone into one of the many hotels along the front and blagged the use of their facilities. That picture is something I couldn’t ever do.

We were slower coming back as we had the wind in our faces. That’ll be the bloody cold wind (sorry, Mum and Dad). It slowed us down, even though we tried to turn up the pace, and I looked wind chafed afterwards. Not something I expected from this holiday. The weather reports say that this wind, which should just last the day, has blown a tropical storm from the area, so there is some comfort.

Nike+ and Google Maps also disagree on the distance, with me actually running further. Ha!

I am thankful though that I now know that coffee and running don’t agree with my stomach. And without a major disaster.


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