The Morning After…

Well, just.

Okay, it wasn’t actually my fault. I would have been ready for the gym earlier, but we had to wait for our house-guest to recover. We went out, drank lots, and for one person (not me, I hasten to add) it all got a bit Lionel (Messi, for those not in the know).

I was surprised that I was not in the slightest bit hungover, and despite very little sleep, managed to run for an hour. I would have run longer, but the new model of treadmill that I used to today doesn’t allow one to run for longer than an hour. Some of you may be asking why anyone would want to run for more than an hour.

Some runners see the treadmill as a cop out. I don’t. Given my asthma, sometimes the conditions outdoors aren’t conducive to good running. Also, my dodgy knee used to prefer the more cushioned surface, although since I ran London in 2008, it hasn’t given me much gyp at all. Fingers crossed.

I do like running outdoors, however. There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air, and breeze, sometimes even rain. I’m hoping to try out Daytona Beach whilst on holiday.

Today’s Genius playlist gave me this selection:

I thought I’d go with something loud, seeing as I had no hangover.

The Nike+ app appeared to be off the mark with the distance again. It doesn’t seem to pick up the increases in speed very well, but hey ho. Can’t have everything.

I’m not going to be running again until Tuesday at the earliest, and that’s dependent upon what’s available at the hotel, or whether I risk going out and about in Orlando. If you’re planning on running this weekend, have a good one.


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