No pain….

I am currently typing this one-handed, in a codeine-induced haze.


Because some numpty lorry driver decided he would use the wrong lane, causing me to take swift, evasive action, in the process, almost wrenching out my right shoulder. This wouldn’t have affected any ordinary person as much, but as well as being asthmatic, I also have Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.

I didn’t find out until after my 5th major sprain. Any normal person would have suffered a fractured wrist, spending 4-6 weeks in plaster. I had over 10 weeks of agony, and 6 months physiotherapy instead.

I’m hoping this isn’t as serious; being my shoulder, I will be able to run, but speed and distance could be affected. In the meantime, I will self-medicate on painkillers, and hope the lorry driving maniac doesn’t kill somebody.


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