Nike+ Day 2….

Right, so I ran faster today. I know I ran faster; I worked harder, I didn’t breathe as easily, and I got a bit sweatier than yesterday. The treadmill backed me up on this. But Nike+ was convinced I ran at the same pace as yesterday.

Nike+ was clearly wrong.

I’ve had a look at the help files, and it would appear that I need to recalibrate. Amazingly, I had already thought of this, but would the iPod version let me? Hell no.

Further, for better accuracy it recommends I buy the running shoe sensor. Oh, and of course, the running shoe to go with it. If I plan on running at slow paces on some days, and faster paces on others, it is also recommended I buy more than one sensor. Nike have really thought about this one.

One other gripe is that if I have the iPod on shuffle, it plays anything. But it won’t shuffle my Top Rated, and to be fair, I feel happier running to my favourite tunes. I need to play around with this device a bit more.

Although, if the Nike outlets in Orlando have some offers, one may be tempted to test the theory…….


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