iPod Nano – new feature, Nike+ !!!

I only wanted to add some new tunes to my iPod, but I discovered that the pedometer has been replaced with the Nike+ app.

I’ve used the app on my iPhone (yeah, yeah, I’m an Apple fan-tomboy, get over it….); it uses the phone’s GPS receiver to track and trace outdoor runs, and motion sensors for indoor treadmill runs. The app does need to be calibrated for the indoor runs, to be honest, as I was running further and quicker than the treadmill claimed. Apparently. Not that I minded, of course!

Obviously my Nano doesn’t have GPS or even internet access, but the version of the app for this bit of kit uses the motion sensor wizardry to calculate time and distance.

I was quite excited to see how this app worked on the Nano, and couldn’t wait to get going on my planned six miler. No, really.

Music can be selected once in the program. I opted for “shuffle”. It provided this eclectic selection. This could provide you all with some amusement over the next few months, as you amuse yourselves with my varied music tastes!

Today’s selection also included my stretching time; an important part of the training process, of course!

As for the accuracy, well, it was nearly spot on. I had a bit of a faff trying stop the workout, and looking at the run on the Nike+ profile, it didn’t register the fact I was giving the last 300m the “sprint” finish. That actually pleases me, as it suggests to me that I go quicker by lengthening my stride as opposed to moving my limbs quicker. If that makes sense.

I don’t think I’ll be recalibrating it just yet. I’ll give it a few more runs, and compare it with an outdoor run and my Garmin Forerunner (which will be the subject of a future blog post). But overall, I was pleased with this new addition.

If you want to find my Nike+ profile, to either make it look like I have friends, or to have a giggle at my athletic prowess, then search “Leesoh”.

* * * * *

I have also set up a Facebook page, which you can like. You can find it here. Please like the page, and share it with your friends, colleagues, and families. Every penny counts, and I am hoping for lots of encouragement over the next few months.

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