The Long Run: Thinking Time

I do a lot of my running at the gym. Some days I like to watch TV, say if the cricket is on, but other days I’m with my iPod and my thoughts.

Today I wasn’t in the mood for the cricket. Nothing to do with shocking England performance, mind. This morning, I watched the Moto GP. I didn’t expect to see one of the sports rising stars killed. Marco Simoncello was a talented rider with a personality to match his hair. He had quickly become one of my favourite riders, mentored by my absolute favourite, Valentino Rossi. Marco was, to me, Vale’s MaxiMe. Always happy to chat with reporters, his interviews were the kind to bring a smile to the face.

The crash itself was one of those heart-stopping moments. The lack of TV footage, reports he was conscious, it took me back to the afternoon where Ayrton Senna died. Sadly, the good wishes posted on social networking sights, myself included, were in vain.
It’s been a sad week for motorsport, with Dan Whelan also losing his life last weekend. However, I hope that there will be no calls for motorsports to be banned; it’s the danger that makes it exciting to watch, let alone take part in. Drivers and riders take huge risks, and whilst technology makes it safer, it will never be risk-free. 
My thoughts are also with Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards, both involved in the incident. Colin dislocated his shoulder. Being a month older than me, I can appreciate that recovering from his injuries will take longer than hoped, and I wish him a speedy recovery.
There are rumours on Twitter that Rossi is considering retiring. It’s perfectly understandable, and I did wonder if he would make such an announcement. I hope he realises that what happened was a tragic accident. I’ve no desire to see the footage again, let alone analyse it. I really do hope that Vale will realise that there was nothing he could have done, and that he wasn’t to blame.
RIP Marco

* * * * *

As far as the running goes, I managed a decent 8 miler. The throat is still hurting, the ears are still popping, but I’m getting back to a decent speed. I’m feeling optimistic again.
I’ve now raised over 5% of my £2,000 target, thanks to the amazing generosity of Chris Owen, a fellow City fan I have “met” on Twitter. Acts of generosity like this really do make me feel emotional about the challenge ahead, and because of this, I will be introducing my “Wall Of Fame”. This will include every individual or organisation who donates more than £1 per mile, so if you want to feature, you’ll need to sponsor me at least £26.20!
Go on, you know you want to! 😉

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