The Road to Recovery?

So, having not run since Monday (not without trying), I was back on the treadmill today. Surprisingly, I ran well, and although my head is still quite painful with the residual congestion, the run hasn’t make it any worse.

I felt so good, I have decided to try and restart my Weekly Blaster. Intervals are great, but I still harbour thoughts of being able “sprint”. When I say sprint, I don’t mean speeds that will be setting records. Unless the record is for the slowest sprint. I successfully completed 400m (quarter of a mile) at just over 10mph pace. Like I say, not blistering.

Fingers crossed that I’m getting over the autumn bugs, and I can crack on with the serious business of upping my weekly mileage.

* * * * *

I’m already planning ahead, and thinking of my 20 miler. This time, I have decided to run the Ashby 20, recommended locally for those training for London. I am aiming to complete the two 10 mile circuits in under 3hrs, which should mean a sub-4 hour marathon time.

The Hubby, who will be accompanying me on the long runs, has also decided to enter this race. It’s a good job we’re not competitive…..

* * * * *

In other news, I have had the first two donations!!

Huge thanks to my bro-in-law, and seasoned marathon runner (well, he’s done more than me), Matt Hunt, and to Paul Hunt (no relation), fellow City fan and lover of alcoholic beverages for their generosity, and for ensuring I will definitely now have to go through with it!

Ha ha!


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