I should have been enjoying my cuppa about 20 minutes ago. I should now be preparing to get to the gym before heading off to court (work, I hasten to add). But could I get my sorry backside out of bed?


I’ve spent most of the night awake due to the pain in the back of my mouth. A quick look in the mirror this morning confirms what I already know; I’ve got tonsillitis again. Every autumn, it’s the same. I don’t even bother with the doctors, as all I’ll be told is to drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamol. Friends have said I should go, as eventually the doctor will say I need the tonsils removing. I am dubious; I’m pretty certain that it will move the problem elsewhere.

A quick look on my training log on the Fetcheveryone site shows that October to February can be very unproductive months as far as running is concerned. For me, it’s extremely frustrating, as I just want to get on with it.

As far as this morning goes, I will give the painkillers the next 20 minutes to work, before deciding whether or not to write off today.


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