Back on it – The Long Run

The Long Run is probably the most important part of distance training. Well, it is in my opinion. It’s the one that builds up stamina, and later, it highlights the importance of what I call the Base Work, including the Dreaded Intervals. They do serve a purpose, see?
I usually reserve my long runs for Sundays, but given that the footy has been moved for television purposes, I have done this week’s Long Run today. I’m still trying to build back my pre-illness fitness, and the lay off after the flu jab hasn’t helped. I’m feeling much better today, and the red patch on my arm has died down a bit. I can also move my arm now, which is quite useful when running.
My original plan was to make up for the miles lost this week by running 8 miles. It was quite clear, however, that this might have been a little ambitious, as the sweat began to run into my ear at 5 miles. Instead, I pushed out a 7 miler, even finishing with a 200m “sprint finish”; Usain Bolt will not be trembling in his trainers.
If I don’t manage to get out tomorrow morning before leaving for the football, then I will have run a paltry 27.8km this week. That’s 17.4 miles in old money. I had planned on running close to 25 miles, so I am disappointed. I want to be running 25-30 miles a week by Christmas, so that I am ready for the Marathon Training Schedule. Being philosophical, considering the problems that the flu jab gives me, I’ve actually done really well.
Onwards and upwards!

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