The Flu Jab

As an asthmatic, I am entitled to a free flu jab. I am also entitled to it earlier than most people. Lucky me.

I try to avoid it, if I’m honest. As the sort of person who bruises at the slightest invasion of my personal space, I don’t appreciate the after effects of any injection.

My immune system isn’t the greatest either, and actually inviting viruses to have a pop at it isn’t the cleverest idea. However, weighing up a few days of sniffles with a potential fortnight without training in the middle of my schedule, well, it’s a no-brainer.

Saying that, the docs have got wise to my aversion tactics, and in the past, they’ve arranged my asthma check up whilst they still have stocks of the jab. It only takes a few seconds to administer, so the nurse could do it there and then. Grr.

I say it takes a few seconds. This year, having opted to have the jab without any duress, I made an appointment for the special “Flu Jab Clinic”. These are usually held after hours, so at least I wouldn’t be exposed to other undesirables. There I was, early as usual, waiting with the old folks, also a priority group.

Now don’t get me wrong, any time with the Other Half is welcome. Well, most of the time it is. But I can’t ever imagine the day when we take a romantic evening out to get our flu jabs.

A few hours after, no bruising yet….

Worse still, the time to inject a single, young(ish) person was barely a minute from walking into the nurse’s room to leaving. For a pensioner, that time increased to 3 minutes. Couples, on the other hand, seemed to take forever. That’s not an exaggeration either. I thought the idea was get in, get out, quick quick. Frustrating. Even better, everybody was given instructions telling us to have our arms ready and waiting. Not the old folk. No wonder they took ages.

The morning after, my arm is sore, the bruise is coming through, but I have no sniffles. Yet.

The morning after….

I’m having a rest day today, to let things settle down. I’m still recovering from last month’s illness, and getting back to a decent level of fitness. Fingers crossed I’ve made the right call…


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