Getting back on track….

Welcome back early morning running sessions!

I was planning on making a relaxing day of it, but the nature of my job means that I quite often have to make last minute changes to my training schedule.

I run better in the mornings, the earlier the better. A good job seeing as most races tend to start before 10am! I toyed with the idea of fitting my run in between hearings, but the thought of the M1 at 8.30am, and belligerent defendants meant that I opted for the 6.30am wake up call, and to run before starting work. It’s something I’m going to have to get used to, and formed a huge part of my training schedule in 2008. You’ve gotta love those dark, cold mornings!

As it turned out, none of this morning’s defendants turned up. Neither did the last minute call asking me to accept very late instructions.

As far as the run went, I was pleased. I had a throat infection last month, which really knocked my training back. I am just starting to feel better, and yesterday had a good interval session, which encouraged me to post my fasted 4 miler for a few weeks today. Keep up that pace for another 22.2 miles, and my personal best will be smashed!


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